SAR RECORDS, is an independent music label company established in 2020.

The company started with a vision of upbringing the talents which can revolutionize the whole music industry.
It is our primary intent to look for hidden talents and provide this industry some great musicians. We aspire to inspire.

SAR Records provides a new direction to the world of sheer talent and will. We have a team of promising musicians and managers who have the potential to be the leading music label in the industry. We hire pure talents and give voice to our music. We do our job with a whole heart just to provide the best to the music industry. We always look forward to provide finest music to the industry.

About us

Top Quality at best price is our ambition. 
We endeavour to provide the best to our artists and crew. We focus on improvising our content and quality of the music. 

The music industry is consistently evolving itself. No one here is permanent. So there becomes a need to be dynamic. Hence, it becomes our responsibility to provide our artists with the best we can. 

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. That's what we are. We produce this art. Music is merely a form of magic. And We are it's magicians!

Mr. Sankalp Khurana, the founder of this company, had developed his interest in childhood and is working in this field since then. His farsighted vision, talent and the love for the music has brought him up here with his own music label. Not only being a good musician, he is a humanitarian who runs his own NGO named "Sankalp Foundation" and 10% of his income from the company would be donated to the foundation for a social cause.



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